Family is Fun

“Let’s play Family”, is my daughter Maya’s current most favorite request. To her, playing “family” is fun. Exploring the roles of each individual, within this deep mysterious context, has become almost an obsession to her. Not only because it helps her to understand and build up the world around her, but also because she needs to clarify who she is and why she is a valuable contributor to the fabric of family that she finds herself interwoven with.

Maya and Michael chilling in the basket.
The value of family has become so cheap, so underappreciated by the current trends, so taken for granted, that until now, when it has almost fallen apart, we have begun to understand what we are losing. We’ve lost a lot, although I believe we are going to see a reversal in the decade to come.

2020 is the year of hope, a decade that is fully capable of changing the trajectory of our reality and the future of the generations to come. We all know it. This is time in our history, a crucial pivotal moment, and that is what we are all fighting for. Even when you are silent and doing nothing, you are contributing to whichever side it is you are swimming along with.

Are you a live fish, swimming against the currents, or a dead one, decaying, with your own stench affecting the people and the environment closest to you?

Mind you, every human being on this glorious Earth (and yes, it is glorious! It is beautiful, strong and powerful!) is affecting all of us directly or indirectly, want it or not. Some more than others.

Why did I jump from the blissful description I’ve started with? Please allow me to make it more clear.

We are all connected. United we stand. Hating your brother is not unity. Humility is not a weakness.

This Earth houses us under her roof. The Lord has declared us her Stewards. We are all an expression of one glorious family unit that is then organized down into smaller units, such as countries, and then further still, to be able to manage each unit with the utmost respect and responsibility that we are all capable of. This is beautiful, a natural system of checks and balances as well.

We must care about our EARTH, but even more still, we MUST CARE ABOUT OUR VERY OWN FAMILIES!

It is so easy to scream about something one barely comprehends and neglect what is the responsibility of your life right underneath your nose. Anyone can do that. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Dead fish go with the flow, fighting nothing, moving with ease until it fully decays and nothing, but the hallucinogenic imaginary version of stench remains.

This is a beginning of the decade that has the power to change everything. Will you stand up with courage and make up your own mind? Don’t go with the wind. Even I find myself standing at times on one side and then on the other, sometimes in a manner of hours… Frightening.

I vow this year to do my own research and thinking.

I owe it to myself and to my family, and to the Freedom of the People.

As this is a blog dedicated to my own family, to my curious and lovely, Maya and Michael, I have the need to express myself openly to them. Safety at the expense of Freedom of expression, is not worth it. Never hide in the shadows unless for a time during which God directs you. You can’t be stupid and rush into battle that you are unprepared for.

And right about now, I feel the need to lighten up this post a bit and go back to a thought I’ve wanted to present all along, but had to circumvent it due to a fiery bubbling up of thought, I myself, was slightly unprepared for.

FAMILIES are FUN! And if yours isn’t, you must be doing something wrong. Not to judge anyone, I myself struggle with this concept as well.

This year, it will be this mamma’s mission to make life as fun as possible! I hope to share with you my experiences and challenges in carrying out this noble plan.

As Maya said to me just right now, when I asked her, “Did you know that families are fun?”, she replied, “Uhha! Together!” and proceeded to wrap her sweet arms around this proud mamma’s neck.
Yes, together, we will figure out this thing called Life.

As long as we are together, it can be super fun.

And now I’m off to teach my daughter how to spell the word F-U-N!
Now, go have some fun! Start with hugs and just see where that leads you!:)