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Something to be thankful for! : Chapter 9 of Out of the Wilderness adventure with Hopeful!

There is much to be thankful for! Indeed there is! If you open up your eyes, maybe super wide, you will see the truth around you. And yes, truth will prevail. We feel it in our souls and bones. We know something is coming and will not be delayed. The darkness is retreating and the corrupt is shaking in their boots. Their grip on this land is slipping away as they are falling backwards into their own traps and they will not be released to prosper anymore.  The revolution of the people and by the people is here! Americans were always meant to be free. That means that if you cannot live with Freedom and in Freedom, it is not the land for you. Only the brave can be free because Freedom isn't easy. It is like a wild mustang, you cannot contain it without effort. That is why the weak are scared of freedom. They are scared to think on their own two feet. To face their own delusion is so painful and so frightening that they chose to remain with the devil they know.  But I choose to be free

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